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If tennis is my favorite individual sport, then soccer is my most favorite team sport of all time. It is hard to compare both, both are exciting to watch and play. Both require a lot of foot speed and stamnina. I find soccer more challenging to the body than tennis.

Unlike tennis, soccer is more of a International sport, and is all about national pride. A team which wins a world cup becomes huge heroes in the country for at least fours. The players holding the cup are etched in the memories of soccer fans ever. World Cup is undoubtedly the greatest sporting event on earth, not even the Olympics come close to it. The passion, the emotions, the drama, the exposure of the event is unparalleled. Though the sport has been dominated by South America and Europe for a long time, Africa, N. America and Asia/Oceania are slowly picking up. The World Cup has been so far won only by European and South American countries. But I have a feeling an African nation is going to win it soon, followed by Asian/Oceanian and then by North America. Oddly, the sport has never big in USA which has the greatest sporting country on Earth for a long time. But I see more and more interest in the game over here. It wouldnt be too long before USA will be crowned world champions. I am eagerly awaiting 2010 World Cup and hope it is a lot of fun as usual.

The most successful nations in soccer are the ones who have won World Cup the most. Euro Cup is the second most important tournament out there. It does not compare to the World Cup in terms of prestige but it is still nevertheless prestigious. These are the most successful nations in World Cup and this is how they should rank.

The World Cup Winners

1 Brazil 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002
2 Italy 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006
3 Germany 1954, 1974, 1990
4 Argentina 1978, 1986
5 Uruguay 1930, 1950
6 France 1998
7 England 1966
8 Spain 2010

Brazil is of course, the most successful football nation out there. Germany would have been ahead of Italy before last World Cup as they made more finals. But they lost the semis (one of the best matches in recent times) to Italy who went on to win their fourth World Cup. Argentina and Uruguay both have won 2 World Cups, but Argentina lost in 2 World Cup finals, Uruguay won 2 out of 2 finals. France got a higher rank than England as they made last World Cup final. England have won the only final they played. Spain won the 2010 World Cup. South America has won 9 World Cup among three countries and Europe has won 10 World Cup among 4 countries