Welcome to Raja's Pretension Palace
  ...built for those in relentless search of eternal damnation

"And if you listen very hard the tune will come to you at last" - Led Zeppelin (from the song "Stairway To Heaven")

Music is my passion. I listen to music most of the day. I have a huge collection of mp3s. I have started buying some original CDs as well. My tastes are flexible and any music which is memorable and sounds original to me, appeals to me.

Rock is my favorite music genre and I listen to that most of the time. And by rock, I don't mean the schlock that appears on MTV and VH1 these days. I care for those rock artists which actually put time and effort into creating memorable and wonderful music for the sake of art and recreation as well, not just money alone. I do not have a particular bias to any subgenre of rock. I take music on its merits, not on its label.

I like some Pop as well but it depends. I have to be in the mood for that. Not all pop music is aimed at commerical success alone. I acknowledge that kind of pop. One thing that irks me is nowadays Rock and Pop are considered as the same genre. I say both are different and can have overlaps.

I like Electronic music as well. But I am just getting into it. I haven't really explored Blues, Folk, Jazz, R&B, Classical, Country, World Music and Rap yet. May be one day I am fed up of Rock, Pop and Electronic music, I will move on to other forms!