Welcome to Raja's Pretension Palace
  ...built for those in relentless search of eternal damnation

"And if you listen very hard the tune will come to you at last" - Led Zeppelin (from the song "Stairway To Heaven")

Sports are my second passion after music. I used to be a sports nut when I was young. Nowadays music has taken over. Also I don't have much time, since I have a full time job. But I do follow a lot of tennis. Unfortunately football (soccer) is not popular in the US and I don't get to see that much often. But tennis is very popular, so I still follow it heavily. Being an Indian, Cricket was a big part of my life, when I was young. But the season became so long during the mid 90s and the quality dropped big time. I lost interest in that. But I still sometimes check on it. Heavyweight boxing was another big sport for me long time ago. I enjoyed F1 while I was in India. Here in the US, it is not that popular. I always liked Olympics, the biggest event after World Cup Football.