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"And if you listen very hard the tune will come to you at last" - Led Zeppelin (Stairway To Heaven)

Scientists say man has played some form of music or the other since the last 50000 years. Human voice and bone flutes were probably the only instruments in the prehistorical years. Complex instruments most likely appeared 10000 years ago. The earliest form of complex music was probably Indian Classical Music. Although Indian Classical music has been around since 2000 BC, it was fully developed around 1200 AD and was practiced in two forms - the Northern Hindustani Music and the Southern Carnatic Music. The instruments used in Indian Classical music were as as complex as the music itself. In the Western world, complex music most likely began in the form of Classical music and Opera music around 1600 AD. The higher class Classical Music coexisted with the simpler lower class oriented Folk music/World Music, in several forms throughout the world throughout the last millennium.

In the 20th century, American Folk music would give birth to three new forms of music called Country, Blues and Jazz. Blues was melancholic music derived from African folk music. After World War II, blues would be electrified with the use of elecrtric bass and electric guitars. Country music evolved from Appalacian folk music which was played with instruments like mandolin, banjo, dulcimer. In contrast to the downbeat Folk, Blues and Country, Jazz developed from Ragtime and New Orleans music which were played in bars for entertainment and dancing. Jazz would eventually become more virtuosic and cerebral with the development of Bop Jazz.

Some parts of Jazz would become so devoid of any structure that it would be linked to another new 20th century music genre called Avant-garde. The idea of Avant-garde is to stray from basic rules of music composition to create new sounds. A key device for Avant-garde music was Theremin, an instument which was played throuugh mere hand movements. Avant-garde music is also closely related to other experimental genres like Musique Concrete (edited recorded music) and Minimalistic music (repetitious and rhythmic music). These three music genres would merge to result in emergence of a more accessible Electronic music.

By the 1950s, a fusion a Jazz and Blues, called Rhythm and Blues was born. R&B merged the dance aspects of Jazz and the vocal aspects of Blues, creating the idea of songs with a beat. Another merger iof Country, Folk and Blues resulted in Rock N Roll. Rock n Roll had aggressive back beat and catchy hooks. Rock N Roll gave birth to Pop and Rock, the two most popular forms of music in 20th century. Though the difference between Pop and Rock is quite debatable, the main difference between Pop and Rock is Pop's emphasis is on lighter smoother melodies and arrangements suited to radio and television in contrast to Rock's aggressive, experimental and/or artistic arrangements suited to "rocking out".