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"We're gonna groove, Yeah groove"- Led Zeppelin (from the song "We're Gonna Groove")

Some random bullshit on the total bullshit that was rock...

... My review of Metallica's 'Black Album'.... the song on the album "Sad But True" perfectly summarizes it. If it was titled "Going Downhill", it would have been even better.

...Their first hit - "Money" was a turning point in Pink Floyd's career. Before that they were about everything but money, after that they were about nothing but money.

... Beatles' double-LP "White Album" started a trend of buying two LPs at the same time, of playing one disk in the background while playing with the other (frisbee... anyone?) in the foreground. A great deal indeed... stimulate your mind and keep yourself fit.

...Repeat after me - "PROGRESSIVE ROCK has nothing to do with song length". Its about pushing boundaries, progressing and not sticking to conventions; its an attitude. Anyone can make progressive music. PUNK ROCK is NOT the rebellious one it is the most conservative style you can think of, dumbass. And there is nothing wrong in being either punk (gay) or prog (straight).

... All rock styles borrow and influence each other. You cannot be a prog rock or psychedelic rock rock or punk rock or metal fan alone... unless you are a true brainwashed moron. I am a music fan and I like rock for its energy and drive. I am no punk fan or metal fan and I don't hate the other fans. The whole idea is ridiculous!

...The best bands are the ones which have a diverse set of influences and who can put all their ideas together and allow everyone in the band to contribute their ideas. The worst bands are the one which are influenced by older rock bands, that would never wanna associate with them in the first place.

...The idea of covering songs and making it sound exactly the same like the original is idiotic. If you have any musical integrity you would try to improve the original, completely transform the original or add something new to it.

...Most AC/DC songs have the same pattern because... thats how they WANTED them to be. They stood for plain no-bull rock. And they stuck by it. Stop knocking them for that. They never claimed they were innovators, all they want is to have fun. Stop being a douchebag and say all their songs sound the same.

...Stop wearing eye-makeup, dyeing your hair color, wearing mohawks, wearing all black just to make a point. No one cares what you stand for. If you like goth music, good for you, if you like metal good for you, if you like college rock, good for you. Whatever! Everyone has their own taste in music. You don't have to be an attention seeking whore about it. If you really enjoy "decorating" yourself like that then by all means go for it, but don't do it because thats 'what we goths do', or something idiotic like that. You are being terribly uncool and not at all creative.

...Note to David Lee Roth from Van Halen - Ass shaking while wearing spandex is not cool, especially when you are butt ugly.

...Isn't it time for The Who and The Rolling Stones to retire or... was that 30 years go?

...Hair/Pop Metal is as connnected to Heavy Metal as Journey is to The Who.

...'Soft Rock' is an oxmymoron. And best liked my morons!

...Rolling Stones lists are shit, VH1 lists are puke. And I don't prefer shit over puke or vice-versa!

...Here's a list that Pink Floyd will never make into - 'Best Happy Songs of All time' ;-)

...A friend of mine asked me 'Why are The Beatles in Rock n Roll Hall of Fame'. I thought he is joking but he said... 'The Beatles were pop, what was rock about them'. He does have a point...but Beatles do have songs which rock (well at least the early stuff). Now the question is why Pop and Rock are considered the same - when the audience is completely different? I know some pop loving friends who completely hate hard rock and only like pop sounding rock. Shouldn't there be a Pop hall of fame. Don't let Madonna be in the same hall as Led Zeppelin for fuck sake!

...Speaking of Beatles. Lets stop pretending that Beatles influenced every Tom, Dick and Harry. The Yardbirds came around the same time and were influenced by the old blues musicians and didn't give a hoot about The Beatles. What was so Beatlesy about the punk bands? They hated the Beatles. And Led Zeppelin ripped off from folks who were born before the Beatles.

...Speaking of Beatles once again, did they break up just before they could make asses of themselves like almost everyone of their peers?

...Advice to Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend. Call your next "Who" album - 'Who Cares!'

...The next time anyone calls Yes a one-hit wonder, I am gonna rip his lonely heart out and own it.

...The real reason rock music hasn't been as good since the 70s is the stupid fucking processed drum sound that started in the 80s. It ruined it forever. Rock has never recovered from that disaster. I prefer a primordial beast of a drummer like John Bonham or Bill Ward over a sophisticated modern wimp any day.

...Whats with Steve Howe showing up low on all these dumb Top Guitarists list out there. Does a guitarist have to be bluesy to be at the top? Steve Howe could play blues as well. And he could play Country, Jazz, Classical and every other freaking sytle and every other string instrument out there. Get your head out of your asses, people.

...I like this list a lot. Pretty much on target. MUWAHAHAHA...look how the mighty Zeppelin stomp over everyone. And it gets brawnier and brawnier... he...he. I have some complaints though... Where are Robert Fripp, Tony Iommi and Steve Howe on the guitar list? Get rid of Gary Moore, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Actually I would stick in Syd Barrett in there (get rid of Slash... nothing original about him). And I would put him above Dave Gilmour, seriously. LOL...WTF is that drunk hag Stevie Nicks doing on the singer list? Just to show we much care about the women? Replace her with Jon Anderson. Much prettier voice and he had a wider range too. Bravo! great job with the bassist list, pretty much spot on. The drummer list kicks ass too. Although I would remove the last three. And have Bill Ward, Bill Bruford (blasphemy! not having BruGOD in there!) and Carl Palmer in. How about a keyboardist list?

...My vote for the best underrated rock band ever - Hawkwind. They ruled! So many kick butt space rockers. Now go listen to - 'Orgone Accumulator', 'Silver Machine', 'Motorhead', 'Mirror of Illusion', 'Hurry On Sundown', 'Space is Deep' and their ultimate song 'Master of the Universe'.

...I say the five of the most important commerically successful rock bands are - Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Yes, in chronological order. Fuck The Who, they have like a dozen top notch songs all of which can be found on "The Who Ultimate Collection" compilation - ('I Can't Explain', 'My Generation', 'A Legal Matter', 'Substitute', 'I Can See For Miles', 'Pinball Wizard', 'Baba O Riley', 'Bargain', 'Behind Blue Eyes', 'Won't Get Fooled Again', 'The Real Me', 'Squeeze Box'). They might be massively influencial and "Who's Next" is one of the best albums ever. But that is just one album and they have few great songs when compared to the mighties. And influence doesn't count much in my book. I still can't believe they keep getting compared to Zeppelin. Who are they? ;-)

...Speaking of The Who - John Entwistle was one of coolest bassline creators ever. "The Real Me" gets me everytime. What are other cool basslines? 'Roundabout' by Chris Squire, 'Ramble On' by Led Zeppelin, 'Money' by Roger Waters, 'Hand of Doom' by Geezer Butler. These are the ones at the top of my head. I hate it that the bassists serve no real purpose, nowadays in rock music. Whatever happened to bass leads and solos? Screw that, what happend to guitar solos? Why has rock gone so limp?

...If you can appreciate Van der Graaf Generator, you can appreciate any good music. Truly unique and totally out of their fucking minds. This is one band which deserved some commercial success.

...The best three kick ass bands? Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and AC/DC in that order. Sorry, but Zeppelin dis a lot more than just kicking ass. But those three kicked ass about 90% of the time and were quite dumb, a pre-requisite for kicking ass. I quite like the metal bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer etc, but they didn't have as many memorable songs as those three.

...Double Albums piss me off. They soon get tiring. A perfect album would never last more than 45 minutes. The only double album I truly enjoy is "Physical Graffiti" by Led Zeppelin. Only 15 songs and almost everyone of them are good. It wasn't designed to be a double album anyway. They had too many leftovers from previous albums and the new songs took up somewhat more than a regular LP would do.

...The three most natural songwriters ever. I have to go with Ray Davies (Kinks), John Lennon (Beatles) and Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd). They melodies were effortless and never contrived.

...Fuck all those other G3s that have existed yet. Three guitarists I would have liked to see jamming together back in the 60s or early 70s would be Jimmy Page (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, synth guitar, banjo, theremin, violin bow, gizomotron, hurdy-gurdy, bass, tabla, tambura, harmonica, dulcimer, ), Syd Barrett (slide guitar, rhythm guitar, echo machine) and Steve Howe (electric guitar, electric sitar, steel guitar, mandolin, Portuguese guitar, Spanish guitar, bass, marimba synth, keyboards, ukulele, washboard, Hawaian guitar, dobro, koto, mandolo, mandocello, autoharp, synth guitar, lute, freltess bass, percussion). Three different guitarists, completely different styles and musical orientation. This could very well end up sound up like anti-music or cacophonous garbage. But I am all for it, baby!