Welcome to Raja's Pretension Palace
  ...built for those in relentless search of eternal damnation

To seek asylum here, you shall embrace His Majesty's opinions as laws and never commit sins that His Majesty forbids!

Nutter Alert! This website is infested with insane ramblings of that fool in the centre, the nutter on the loose. Avoid contact with this person at any cost. His words are injurious to your health. Get out of here while you can! HE HE HA HA HA HA HE HE HA HA HA HA!

According to recent reports, there have been numerous sightings of this loon in mid-town Houston. He is supposed to be living these days with an equally crazy girl called NISHU. He and Nishu are quite dangerous as have has the ability to make funny jokes that could have you in splits... literally. The subject is 35 years old and 29 years old respectively and are cursed with good taste in everything and are reportedly supposed to be having no regard for mediocrity. These two think they are too cool for school, while in fact being too cool for anything. The subjects are highly active and are not known to sit at one place for too long. The subjects are obsessed with staying fit and are known to be very competitive. Please do not approach these people if you are a bore and have nothing useful to say. They could be your best friend, but this is something which cannot be guaranteed. Proceed at your own risk!