Welcome to Raja's Pretension Palace
  ...built for those in relentless search of eternal damnation

To seek asylum here, you shall embrace His Majesty's opinions as laws and never commit sins that His Majesty forbids!

Law 0 → Don't worship me, worship the GODs - Led Zeppelin, Yes and Pink Floyd.
Law 1 → The only opinion that matters is yours, provided it is the same as mine.
Law 2 → The only one you should be scared of, is yourself. No one is more dangerous to you, than you yourself.
Law 3 → Megalomania rules, simplicity is for ordinary people.
Law 4 →There is no fate, only chaos. And in this chaos, you should be dead. So be happy that you are alive.
Law 5 → It's a free world and you are allowed to do everything I allow.
Law 6 → Shit happens but you don't have to step on it.
Law 7 → Pretension is great. No pretension, no indulgence, no glory!
Law 8 → Enjoy life! If you cannot enjoy it, let others enjoy. If you cannot let others enjoy, please die!
Law 9 → Think of yourself as an idiot. I know I do, and it has helped me a lot.
Sin 0 → Not worshipping the GODs mentioned above.
Sin 1 → Disrespecting a clown. It takes a real man to act stupid.
Sin 2 → Chickening out of a fight. Win or lose but no draw.
Sin 3 → Killing useful people. This means suicide is allowed.
Sin 4 → Making blanket statements that I would not make myself. This means only my type of stupidity is allowed.
Sin 5 → Being sad when you have a choice not be.
Sin 6 → Not laughing at my jokes even if you do not find them funny. Because they ARE!
Sin 7 → Calling something pretentious just because you don't have the guts to understand it.
Sin 8 → Not minding your own business or asking me to mind yours.
Sin 9 → Thinking of yourself as a genius, when haven't been officially enshrined as a honorary member of Raja's Pretension Palace.