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  ...built for those in relentless search of eternal damnation

"And if you listen very hard the tune will come to you at last" - Led Zeppelin (from the song "Stairway To Heaven")

I write poems sometimes... when I get into the mood. It doesn't happen. Sometimes it takes years between poems. I wish I could focus more and write more of them. But I have so many things going on in life. I usually will sit for 15-20 minutes, scribble something down and do a final edit and then I am done! Thats it. It doesn't take too long for me. Thoughts seem to come natural too and they flow right into the paper effortlessly.

If I were paid for this, I would be more prolific :-) Some of the earlier peoms I have written have grammatical errors, but I don't wanna edit them; I wanna retain their childish charm. The latter ones are of course much better but some of the earlier ones, I like as well. Find a one-liner description and links to all my poems (password protected) here. My OCD resulted in me rating my own poems...LOL.

Ze Poemz!!!
30 Rain, Love, Loneliness and Peace - A realisation of the various aspects of life. Philosophical and optimistic. Deserves 10/10 2011
29 Bottled Up Inside Waiting To Explode - A perfect blues song could be made out of this! A bit too sad? 2005
28 Please Help Me - Worth a few chuckles, I think I could have done better here. 7/10 2003
27 In A Trance - A fairly average one. I give this a 4 and nothing more. 2002
26 One Last Fight - My masterpiece really. Sarcastic take on inflated human ego and this time I nailed it. 2002
25 The Madman Laughs - Who is the madman? I think this deserves a 9/10 2001
24 The Elusive Perfection - A good one! I like the writing here. A well deserved 9/10 2001
23 I Wonder What Am I - Convoluted thoughts, convoluted poem. Ok poem - 6/10 2001
22 Mom I Hate My Birthdays - A light philosophical poem. Again not my favorite, but pretty good. 8/10 2001
21 Why Love Him - Finally a serious poem. Not my absolute favorite but I think it's still perfect. 2000
20 This Poem Is Injurious To Health - You might have never read anything like this. I think it's a perfect 10. 2000
19 I Don't Know Why I Hate Myself - Somewhat of an opposite to the Dreams poem. As good as that one. 2000
18 Hey, Humans! Choose Your Life - Another one hits the bull's eye! The title explains it all. First in US! 2000
17 C Killed Me - A classic! My first perfect album. I find it hilarious even now. Last poem in India! 1999
16 You Changed It All - I was just merely reflecting on my crush here. It doesn't come off well. 4/10 1999
15 The Lover Is Dead - End of the love trilogy. And this is the best one yet. An 8/10 for this. 1999
14 In The Month Of Sept - A return to humour, not a good one though. Quite aimless. Just a 5. 1999
13 Dreams- Some solid thoughts about life put together - 8/10. 1998
12 Know Me - The crush is not over yet. As corny as the previous one but I like it better. 7/10 1998
11 Lover - Aww, first crush, sounds like an early Beatles song. Corny and doesn't deserve more than a 6. 1998
10 Wanted: Dead Or Live - Another good one in 1996, wow. A philosophical take on human ego. 8/10 1996
9 Steffi Graf - A tribute! Coincidence, that '96 would be her last good year. Another 9! 1996
8 An Incomplete Man - In spite of the negative tone, this is one of my best early poems. Surely a 9! 1996
7 Love Is Another Form Of Hate - Rant of a dying tree. I quite like it. 6 outta 10, may be? 1996
6 Mortal Tricks - Sarcasm on the traffic situation in Bombay. 7/10! Big improvement and quite funny. 1995
5 Camp - Another humor attempt! The topic here is adventure. Weak effort. Not more than 3/10. 1995
4 Topsy Turvy Heaven - I was trying to paint something surreal here. Amateur attempt deserving just a 4. 1994
3 A Humorous Poem - Early attempt at humour. I rate it a 4/10 these days, nothing more 1993
2 Saddam Hussein - This I wrote during Gulf war... early angst, kinda silly, but enjoyable. Deserves a 5. 1991
1 A Spanish Boy - The earliest poem that I have saved.... a rudimentary rhyming exercise. 3/10 for effort. 1991